fredag 16 september 2016

Hög tid att minska antalet gamla människor!

Nedan ser ni barnlitteraturprofessorn och poeten Michael Rosens förslag apropå Brexit, som jag personligen tycker även kunde appliceras på svenska gamlingar. Jag har ju redan tidigare (blogginlägget 13/5-16) föreslagit att vi pensionärer borde fråntas vår rösträtt, såvida nu inte alla barn också har rätt att rösta. Ingen har emellertid brytt sig om vad jag säger, varför mer drastiska åtgärder tydligen måste vidtas.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Time to cull old people...

Good evening

on what is a historic moment in history,

a truly momentous moment

and I want to take this opportunity to discuss something

which up until now has been swept under the carpet:

old people.

Quite frankly there are too many of them.

I'm going to say it simply

and you can quote me on this:

there are too many old people in Britain today;

we can't cope

they're putting pressure on our public services,

they're forcing wages down through doing low-paid jobs

and volunteering all over the place; 

they're hanging about on street corners

talking to each other in their own odd ways

they go to their own special places

segregating themselves off from the rest of us

failing to integrate.

But the real matter

and let's have a grown-up conversation here

is the fact that we can't cope.

There is a finite number of people we can handle

in these islands

and if you look at the statistics

you can see the way that old people go on and on living

these days

means that the population is going up and up and up.

This puts a massive pressure on society as a whole

and let's face it,

Westminster won't talk about it.

This is a failure of the political class.

Well, now we've got a chance to sort this out


without interference from Europe.

We can control old people ourselves.

We can do this is a sensible, grown-up, humane way.

I suggest that we need to talk about culling,

perhaps starting with ninety-year olds

and then consider whether the old age pension

is really something we can afford.

I suggest we can't

and the advantage there is that this may well

encourage some old people to die sooner.

Again, we could look at the pressure that old people

are putting on housing.

One way to deal with this is to think about special centres

or camps

where old people could be grouped together in huts.

All this is to be talked about in an open, mature way

but whatever happens,

today has given us this great opportunity

to talk about such things.

Thank you for listening

and good night.

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